The full “Re-Imagining the Critique” work happens over the course of three individual workshop sessions. These sessions are currently facilitated remotely. 

Reach out to talk about how this can happen at your school or orginaization! 

Workshop Session I

Students & Faculty

Intended for both faculty and students, this workshop will examine and deconstruct your current critique practices with an intent to rebuild a more inclusive and equitable feedback space that serves your diverse community. Participants will engage in small-group guided discussions and futuring exercises to establish a collective understanding and freely explore possibilities.    

︎︎︎ This workshop scope includes an analysis of responses done by Bennett & Elefterin to be presented in Workshop II.

Workshop Session II

Faculty Only

Using the insights revealed in Workshop I, this faculty-only session will dive deeper by assessing current pain points and ideating actionable alternatives to re-imagine a more equitable critique. Faculty will have the opportunity to share successes and failures while evaluating interventions at a variety of institutional scales  This workshop concludes with suggested critique alternatives to test out before the final workshop.

Workshop Session III

Students & Faculty

Following Workshop II, students and faculty are asked to experiment with using the alternative feedback methods. Following this period of testing, Workshop 3 concludes the series by bringing everyone back to share their findings in a guided group discussion.  The workshop series concludes with a final assessment shared with leadership.

︎︎︎ Your community recieves access to all community-specific reccomendations and information following the conclusion of sessions. 

Booking & Structure

Contact us to chat details & pricing!

“Re-Imagining the Critique” is a kit of parts designed to function as a whole. We prefer if institutions commit to the full three sessions, however, depending on your needs & budgets we can discuss how best to help!

Workshop sessions are typically 1.5-2 hours long, but can be adjusted. We require at least 2 weeks betwen workshop sessions I & II and reccomend a month or two (depending on where in the semester the sessions fall) between II & III to allow for community testing!

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