A Generative Workshop Series ︎︎︎

What is the goal of the critique?  How can the critique uplift and empower diverse voices?

A workshop series that examines and deconstructs the current higher education critique practices with an intent to rebuild an inclusive and equitable feedback space to serve a diverse academic community.

This compassionate and futurist exploration aids in the creation of alternative feedback concepts and needs, with students and faculty sharing and gathering mutually beneficial insights of the critique experience. Workshops can occur remotely using shared Miro boards and Zoom discussions to discuss our feelings and ideas.

What our participants are saying 

“[We need] lots more of this, I think for some this is something we’ve been thinking on for a while but don’t quite know what to do. For others, the traditional crit is still defended as sacred so there is more work to be done to open up the possibility of change and difference.”

Faculty Participant after Workshop 2

“I feel we, as faculty, need to experiment and try different approaches.  We commonly speak to the students about taking risks and moving outside the comfort zones but rarely do we diverge from previous structures and tactics.  It’s important that we continually evolve our practices.”

Faculty Participant after
Workshop 2

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